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The 42BYGHW609 NEMA 17 (42 x 42 mm) high torque 1.8 degree stepper motors are ideal for RepRap cartesian 3D printers and extruders, as well as CNC and robotics applications. The motors are manufactured by Wantai, one of China's largest, longest established and most reputable stepper motor manufacturers. Motors are supplied with a 1 metre long detachable power cable, ready to plug and print.  One end of the cable carries a JST 6-way 2mm plug to suit the socket on the motor. The other end is supplied with either:

  • a 4-pin Molex KK-type white polarised female connector as used for connecting to Duet, or
  • a 4-pin Molex SL-type flat black umpolarised plug as used for connecting to RAMPS and other electronics.

The 4-pin connectors are both standard 2.54mm pitch and effectively interchangeable, provided there is space on the controller card to accomodate the larger KK-type housings (not for RAMPS Z-motor connectors).

For more information on choosing stepper motors for Reprap check the wiki: The holding torque is particularity important, especially for Extruder, X and Y axis. These motors are 4.5 kg/cm and we have used them successfully on our own printers.

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