Threaded Beam coupling M5/5mm


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This is a flexible beam coupling, precision CNC machined from aluminium with a 5mm bore at one end, while the other end is threaded to fit a M5 threaded rod. This allows for excellent fit and alignment between a standard 5mm motor shaft such as that on our Nema 17 stepper motor and a very common M5 Z-screw such as that used in our Mendel90 Lasercut printer, along with many other 3d printers. Both sides are fitted with robust, M4 grubscrews.

If you are still using a M8 rod as your Z screw it may be time to consider moving to M5 to reduce Z ribbing. Check out Rich Cameron's article in issue 1 of the reprap magazine, page 29 onwards for more information about Z ribbing in general. You can easily upgrade to M5 Z-screws by printing M5 nut adapters like this one.

We also do flexible beam couplings for 5mm to 8mm and 5mm to 6mm.

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