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The PanelOne is a simple LCD screen, Rotary Encoder and micro SD (uSD) card reader for 3D Printing electronics that has versions compatible with both 5V (RAMPS) and 3.3V. It is designed to fill the gap for an inexpensive controller, especially on RAMPS where the pin saving capabilities of the Panelolu2 are not required. It is also a good choice for delta printers such as the Mini Kossel, where the traditional 8 bit controller struggles with the additional processor load of I2C communications for the Panelolu2 and delta transformations. In addition to RAMPS, it can be interfaced to other 8-bit delta printer controllers with enough expansion pins, such as Sanguinololu, by using the optional cables with single-pin connectors at one end, as described here


The PanelOne can be purchased in two versions, a 5V only version which was originally designed for RAMPS running Marlin, and a 3.3V version which will interface with newer electronics running at 3.3V (provided the firmware support has been added). The 3.3V version can be modified to run at either 3.3V or 5V as described in this blog post:

It can be purchased as either a kit with the surface mounted components installed, just requiring the through hole components to be added, or fully assembled with these soldered. Cables are supplied made up with 2x5 IDC connectors both ends for RAMPS, or with IDC connectors on one end for the PanelOne and crimps and single pin housings which can be attached to the approprate pins on whatever board they will be connected to. This allows the 3.3V version to be plugged into any electronics which has firmware support for it, and the 5V version into Sanguinololu (tested) and possibly Printrboard and others (not yet tested)

Firmware Support

Marlin. It is supported in Marlin (currently our T3P3 Kossel branch) by uncommenting these 4 lines in Configuration.h


and using the Kossel branch's pins.h

RepRap Firmware. This is a work in progress. The hardware is proven to work with the Duet but the display code has not yet been implemented in firmware.

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