RAMPS 1.3 electronics controller kit (unassembled - RAMPS 1.4 alternative)


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The RAMPS (RepRap Arduino Mega Pololu Shield) electronics controller interfaces an Arduino MEGA with the powerful Arduino MEGA platform and has lots of room for expansion. Note that versions 1.3 and 1.4 are functionally identical, but V1.3 uses all through-hole components, making it much easier to solder than V1.4 which uses surface-mount components.

This kit comes unassembled containing a PCB and all required components, either with or without our Ice-Blue Stepstick stepper motor drivers (an alternative to black pololus). We also supply this kit pre-assembled.

The advantages of the RAMPS board over other controllers (Gen 7, Sangionlolu, and its offshoots Melzi & Printrboard) are the modular design using the freely available, powerful and low-cost Arduino Mega 2560 platform, and the expansion possibilities provided by the 3rd MOSFET/thermistor and 5th stepper driver socket. These allow the option of running a dual extruder, or using a firmware-controlled fan during printing as on the Mendel90.

For more information see the RepRap Wiki.

RAMPS V1.3/1.4 features:

  • 3 PWM-controlled MOSFET outputs, for Extruder, Heatbed and Fan (or second extruder!)

  • 3 thermistor circuits to control the MOSFETS

  • Screw terminals for 12v power – 2 inputs and 3 MOSFET outputs

  • 6 sets of 3-pin headers for opto or mechanical end stops

  • 5A fuse for component protection

  • 11A fuse for heated bed control

  • 5 stepper motor driver sockets for X, Y and Z axes, and 1 or 2 extruders – if you should have the misfortune to damage a stepper drive, it is easily replaced – unlike on a board with surface-mounted stepper driver chips!

You will find the Assembly Instructions here. We recommend you look at the high-definition picture of the assembled board front which shows very clearly where all the components go. For the headers on the underside of the board see this high-definition view.

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