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DUEX4 V0.2a Expansion board for DUET 3D Printer Controller

This is the current version!

The Duex4 is a 4 channel expansion board for the Duet. It adds 4 further stepper drivers, 4 more FETS for extruder heating, 4 temperature measurement channels and 4 endstops. In combination with the Duet this allows for a 3Axis printer with 5 or 6 extruders (5 Extruders if paired with a Duet 0.6, 6 extruders if paired with Duet 0.8.5). It uses the same stepper drivers, FETs and digital current setting controller as the Duet and is connected with a (supplied) 50 way ribbon cable. It is Open Hardware, both designed and manufactured in the UK.

The Duet and Duex4 are also available as a bundle.


From 20 March 2015 we have been supplying a slightly revised Duex4 expansion board, Version 0.2a. This adds analogue GND to the Duex4 which needs to be connected to the Duet V0.6 by a fly lead as described this blog post: http://blog.think3dprint3d.com/2015/04/duex4-v02a-minor-updates.html. If you are going to use the Duex4 with a Duet V0.6 then please add a note to your order so that we can supply the necessary fly lead.

Please note that due to customer demand, these boards are fitted with pin headers rather than screw terminals for motors, heaters, thermistors and endstops.

The RepRapFirmware supports Duex4. We recommend DC42's Fork available here:

https://github.com/DC42/RepRapFirmware/tree/devNote that you should set the Duex4 thermistor series resistors to 1k in config.g.


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